Know Best Adsense alternative 2014 with earning proof | Case study

Adsense is one of the best way to make money online.With adsense i earned $1 daily with only 1000 unique visitor.But getting approved is one of hardest for thing for it.They do not provide adsense in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, there are some terms and condition.Even though your website fulfill all the condition still it is possible you can not approved.Similar way is only approve website with huge amount of traffic from USA, CANADA.

Then i finding about alternatives There so many other online advertising program, but you can not earn as per your expectation .Because most of they pay only $0.01 per click and some time $0.0 :(.

Case study:

Here i'm gonna show you some interesting things about adsense alternative with case study.I'm using Infolinks,Chitika and Yllixmedia advertising simultaneously.The thing behind this is you can earn from all there networks not only single income.


Infolinks is not traditional advertising platform, their ads are based on In-text and sliders. I'm using only in text because sliders creates very bad impression to visitor and your website may looks ugly.So that in text ads gives good user experience as well as  single click search.Because all the ads are targeted to one specific keyword of your article.

Benefits of Infolinks:

  • No specific ad space required.
  • In text as well as slider ads are available.
  • You can redesign ads with you website environment. like color customization.
  • Works with Adsense without any problem.
  • Earning is nearest to adsense.[up to 90% of adsense earning]
  • Easy approval process
  • No fear for getting banned.
Minimum payout for Infolinks is $50.

You can  see my weekly earning by Infolinks, I have 1000 unique visitor per day.So that as per my opinion if you don't have adsense you can use it.It is best and No 1 alternative as per my case study.

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Chitika is based on targeted ad network.They want US and Canada traffic if you want to earn more money.But if you don't have then still you can earn some money with it.Yes you can see my weekly status, Earning was not so good as per clicks.But you can put one standard size banner below or above the post.and earn simultaneously with other one. Chitika  gives higher CPC rate for US and Canada traffic.My maximum earning was is $2.6 with 1K visitor.So we can say that it is also best alternative.

By some little modification you can use Chitika responsive ads with your responsive design.Responsive ads are re size with device screen size and not kidding to visitor anymore.

Benefits of Chitika:

  • Stander size banner are available.
  • Works with Adsense.
  • Color customization available.
  • Easy Approval process.
  • No fear for getting banned.

Minimum payout for Chitika is $10.

You can see my last week earning report with 1K unique visitor. Chitika is not so good compared to infolinks but still you can generate some money with it.If you don't have adsense you can use Chitika and Infolinks together.

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