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Know Best Adsense alternative 2014 with earning proof | Case study

Adsense is one of the best way to make money online.With adsense i earned $1 daily with only 1000 unique visitor.But getting approved is one of hardest for thing for it.They do not provide adsense in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, there are some terms and condition.Even though your website fulfill all the condition still it is possible you can not approved.Similar way is only approve website with huge amount of traffic from USA, CANADA. Then i finding about alternatives There so many other online advertising program, but you can not earn as per your expectation .Because most of they pay only $0.01 per click and some time $0.0 :(. Case study: Here i'm gonna show you some interesting things about adsense alternative with case study.I'm using Infolinks,Chitika and Yllixmedia advertising simultaneously.The thing behind this is you can earn from all there networks not only single income . Infolinks: Infolinks is not traditional advertising platform, thei

How to Use Chitika Ads on Responsive Websites

Right now Chitika has  not officially approved Responsive Design and what that means is you can not serve Chitika ads of varying dimensions corresponding to the viewport size /screen resolution of the visitor’s device. For better user experience responsive ads must be implemented on your website because it will show different ads size banners according to visitors device screen size.and it will make  more possibility to clicked by user. You can serve responsive Chitika ads in default java script provided with some little changes. The latter is a more efficient and recommended method as the JavaScript ad code loads in parallel and therefore does not block the other elements of the web page from rendering. In other words, your pages will load faster improving user experience. How to Generate Responsive Ads Open your dashboard and under Dashboard , click “Ads>>Get code.” Set any random size like 550x250t” and click the “ Get Code ” button to generate the JavaScript co

Chitika 2014-Really Best Alternative to Adsense and

Its most important thing for blogger and website publisher that how much they really earn from their website. Its necessary to choose best advertiser company that give sufficient earning to their publisher according to website's daily traffic and Article. Everyone know about adsense but the one thing about adsense is that sometimes they can't approve a/c even your website may fully follow their criteria. So its very hard to get approved for new blogger and specially whose from Asian countries. Now i would like to introduce chitika publisher program. chitia is one of the best alternative to adsense. chitika is really very good for new bloggers. Pay per Click Now its also most important thing that ppc rate of any online advertising company. tomorrow i was amazed by chitika,s ppc was $1 per one click!!!! Proof How to Join chitika? There no much process for joining chitika publisher program.just fill the form and your website is under review for one or two d