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what's app Download(java-jar-jad)-offline installer-java version

what's app (java jar-jad)-offline installer. WhatsApp Messenger  offers you a way to send text messages over 3G or WiFi without paying for SMS charges. This version of WhatsApp Messenger is designed for Nokia S40 devices, although it's still in beta and currently only runs on the Nokia C3  and  X2-01 . In order to use WhatsApp Messenger for S40, you need to make sure that the person you want to send messages to  also has WhatsApp installed  on their device, though it should work regardless of which operating system they are using. Configuring and using WhatsApp Messenger is very simple, thanks to a straightforward user interface. The chat window is attractive and permits clear viewing of messages. Features in WhatsApp Messenger are somewhat limited in comparison to other messaging applications, however, and it's lacking tools for group conversations, or file sharing at the moment. Still, WhatsApp Messenger makes for a great way to save money on SMS charges on yo

what's app s40-what's app s40(offline-installer)-Nokia C3-00 · Nokia C3-01 · Nokia X2-01 · Nokia X3-02 · Nokia X2-00 Nokia Asha: 201 · 300 · 302 · 303 · 306 · 311

what's app s40 -what's app s40(offline-installer) Minimum requirements: Unlimited data plan! Nokia Series 40 phone. Supported devices: Nokia C3-00 · Nokia C3-01 · Nokia X2-01 · Nokia X3-02 · Nokia X2-00 Nokia Asha: 201 · 300 · 302 · 303 · 306 · 311 Note:  Sponser ad is Enable Wait 5 Second then click Skip Ad     Click Here for online  Installer.   Click Here to download to your Nokia Device.   what's app s40-what's app s40(offline-installer) Read more... s40offline.html

Use your Nokia Mobile as a PC Webcam

Use your Nokia Mobile as a PC Webcam For Use your Nokia Mobile as a PC Webcam You Need Following Procedure. 1.   Install Nokia Ovi Suite from Nokia website. 2.   Install EpocCam Symbian application from Nokia Ovi Store. 3.   Install EpocCam Windows drivers from here The same drivers work for both Lite and Pro versions. 4.   Connect USB cable between your phone and PC. 5.   On phone choose connection mode "PC Suite" if asked. 6.   Start EpocCam application on your phone. 7.   Start EpocCam Viewer or any other webcam-enabled application on your PC. To verify functionality you can use EpocCam Test Application. This application can be started from Start Menu -> Programs -> EpocCam -> EpocCam Test. Remember to quit EpocCam Test application before using EpocCam with other applications as only one application can use camera at a time. By-Mehul Solanki

Nokia Monitor Test Monitor Test helps you adjust your monitor to your needs )

Nokia Monitor Test helps you adjust your monitor to your needs Nokia Monitor Test bundles a collection of small utilities that aim to detect the performance of CRT monitors. It’s useful especially when you want to compare two or more different monitors. Nokia Monitor Test verifies one of the most important monitor properties such as sharpness, geometry, convergence, focus, readability, etc. For optimum results, two major conditions need to be fulfilled before you start using the application: warm up the monitor for about 20-30 minutes then demagnetize it.  Once you’ve completed these steps, you can proceed with launching the program. Since it's so small, the Nokia Monitor Test doesn't require installation, but just a quick extraction. How does it work? You simply put up the test pattern, and then adjust your monitor accordingly. If you know nothing about these technical aspects but you're interested in learning and understanding them, then look in the

nokia REBOOT.

THE REBOOT TRICK This should work on all software versions of the 6110. 1. Go to the Calendar (Menu-8) 2. Make a note or reminder. 3. Enter some text into the edit box. 4. Hold "Clear" until the whole text is cleared, then press "Back". 5. Press "0". The main screen will now be showing but a space appears on the screen. (you can't see it) 6. Enter 4 digits (e.g. 1234). 7. Use the down arrow to move the cursor to the left side of the numbers and the space (Down arrow twice). 8. Now enter 6 digits and press the call button. Wait for a few seconds, the screen should start to flash and reboots. It should alsowork on other menus like the "Profiles" menu.

To check Nokia the IMEI

To check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Type- *#06# Information you get from the IMEI- XXXXXX  XX  XXXXXX  X     TAC      FAC     SNR      SP TAC = Type approval code FAC = Final assembly code SNR = Serial number SP    = Spare

Nokia Sim Lock.

Nokia Sim Lock CHECK SIM-LOCK Note - If you bought your Nokia on UK Vodafone or UK Cellnet you do not need to check this because they both transmit on GSM900, and they don't lock the phones. However if you bought your phone on UK Orange or UK One2one your phone may be blocked. The reason is that they both transmitt on GSM1800. To make a call on GSM1800 you need what is known as a "Dual band" phone. A dual band phone is able to transmit on both GSM900 and GSM1800, so they lock the phones so you can't use it with any other network simcard. If you find that your phone is locked you can try different software to unlock it. (we havn't found one that works yet), or you can ask your service provider who will gladly exchange the 10 digit code for about £35. This is how to check the status of the 4 different locks. Aslo don't try entering the wrong number, because after 3 times it will block the phone for good. There are 4 different locks on your