How to Unlock FxGuru Movie FX Director Apk to make it Full Version

FXGuru is one of the most popular android application.Which gives you lot of fun,you can not imagine what you can do with your Smartphone! FxGuru is based on CGI means computer generated imaginary.By using CGI you can make your dream comes true.This is one of the powerful and most amazing application for android smartphones.Create your own video clips with lots of effects which is inspired by Hollywood films.And amaze your friends,family by showing them your amazing and unbelievable videos.


Fxguru is:

  • A huge assortment of visual FX from explosive action scenes to heart-pounding horror and sci-fi
  • Proprietary MotionMatch™ technology lets you add realistic movement while filming
  • Effects that last over ten seconds give you time for enhanced creativity
  • Virtual Decals provide guidance for each effect to align your shots seamlessly
  • 24 Cinematic filters available to enhance the atmosphere of any scene
  • HD Recording now available for all purchased effects

With FxGuru you can:

  • Shock the world by capturing a ghost bride haunting your hallway
  • Avoid chores by blowing up your lawnmower, bathroom or pile of leaves.
  • Astound friends by filming a UFO invasion over your backyard.
  • Clear space in your driveway by destroying that old car or RV.
  • Your only limit is your imagination!


You can download FXGuru apk from here[Direct google play store link].

By downloading official application you can only able to use some free effects.And that effects are not so good.And there are also one limitation that you cannot record your video in HD.For that you need to unlock the app by providing Unlock Code.And if want to use their premium effects then you must purchase the app or MEGA PACK.It not cool thing. That is why im going to tell you some secret thing and you can able to use those premium effects for FREE!Lets start.

How to use FxGuru premium effects for free:

1.They provided "FREE EFFECT OF THE DAY"Which means every day you can able to use any premium effects for free.By surfing their advertisement videos you can able take advantage of these feature.
2.Another option is just take and complete any deal/offers in downloading section of any particular effect .And it will free for  lifetime!

If you are lazy then you can also download  the APK package with all the premium effects preloaded !
Click here to download  Unlocked FxGuru Movie FX Director Apk{Full version cracked!!}

  1. Link dead :'(

  2. is the "full unlocked version" for real???

  3. FB link? u guyz kiddin?

  4. the link is gone, so I did the first task availabe to download an effect for free: I downloaded Game of War and developed the stronghold to level 5. And guess what! I didn't get a free download! Not a single one!

  5. I really needed it for a school project :( but the link doesn't work

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