Does Freedom really gives you freedom?

Hello friends! Good morning/Evening/Afternoon/Night! I think you are now bored with android free stuff.Now you might be interested in paid stuff with lots of CURIOSITY.Every time while downloading any free app , end of the time it must ask for money with this sticky words, "Pro","Get premium"etc. Personally i don't like this and hope you too.Lets make world free.

In App Purchase is Free!!

Really!How?Well don't get exited now i will share some thing interesting for you.And The whole Google play-store is free for you[except something].

After all Android is free and open source mobile OS.We are not aspecting privacy from it.But still its amazing and just like kid having toy.

There is one fantastic application available named as  Freedom(Because it gives freedom).When you install it on your Android device it will makes everything* free for you[No Jock].Automatically it will Hack Your device to make everything free.



  • Android device [Rooted]
  • Peace of mind [because most of people doesn't have rooted device]

How Freedom Works?

There is no such lengthy Tutorial Follow these simple steps.
  • Download
  • Install & launch
  • Tap on app in which you want to receive in-app purchase for free.

You can download it here directly with single click.
                                               [Take a deep Breath for 5 sec. and click Skip AD :) ]
                                                      [File Name: freedom-1.0.6.apk(offline)]

Download From 4Shared

  1. Is this new vesrion of Freedom.apk?

  2. freedom is only useful for in app purchasing and some application is not patched by freedom.but anywhere thanks for sharing.

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