TCL 65 inch QLED TV Amazon Quiz Answers 18 sep 2020

In this quiz user needs to watch short product video and answer the following questions. 


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1.Which of the following TVs is the video about?


2.As per video, TLC QLED TV can display images for industry leading 93% DCI color gamut and brightness?

Ans. True

3.The video shows which of the following TLC QLED TV picture quality features

Ans. Dolby VISION HDR10

4. Which of the following sound feature is offered by TLC QLED TV?

Ans. Integrated ONKYO, dedicated sub-woofer

5.As, per the video, with built in Google assistant on TLC QLED TV, you can realize hands voice control to your TV, set reminders and connect with your Smart home devices

Ans. True

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