Choose the Huawei Dongle that's right for you.

Huawei, the world's No.1 data card brand is now offering open data cards in India which can work with any GSM
operators. Below we have listed down some of the features based on which you can choose the data card based
on your needs.
Huawei E303Huawei E303
Huawei E303
Huawei E369
Huawei E355
(WiFi Dongle)
Huawei E560
(WiFi for 5)
Works with all
GSM operators
Get online in
15 sec
World's 1st cloud
data card
World's thinnest
World's 1st wifi
World's 1st
Mobile Wifi
Internet Browsing, Emailing,
Social Networking, Internet
Voice Chatting
Play Online Games, Music streaming, Watch video clips, Video Chat
Watch online TV, Download
Heavy Images/Videos,
Enterprise Applications,
Download Speed
(in Mbps)
Upload Speed
(in Mbps)
3G Support
(Works with all GSM (2G/3G)
SIM Cards)
Voice call Support
(Support PC Voice call Support)
Micro SD Card support
(Support upto 32GB)
Wifi enabled
(Allowing multiple devices to access internet)
upto 5upto 5
Type3i Technology
(for better signal strength and
Cloud + Support
(2GB online storage, Message+ to share files/images/ video/voice/chat)
HiLink Technology
(Plug n Play in 15 Sec, Driver
free installation)
(Free AVG Anti-Virus, Free
Mundu TV Software, Vouchers
of worth Rs250,
Rs500, Rs750, Get 5% off on, Free ibibo vouchers
worth Rs100 for
 for more information[]

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